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I am looking for Three Columns Minima Blogger Template XML, a modified version of the original Two Columns Minima Blogger Template created by Douglas Bowman for blogger.com. (a blog-publishing service where blogs are hosted by Google at a sub-domain of blogspot.com.) This blogger template came into existence with the launch of Layout Templates during the year 2006. The original version of Minima Template is a single footer, 2 Columns i.e. one post body and right sidebar. I tried searching for the template but cannot find any. If anyone has the backup copy of this template two column minima (original) or three column minima (modified) please share.

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It's very true that Minima is a blogger-template created by Douglas Bowman for using in blogspot sub-domain hosted blogs. This blogger template came into existence with the launch of Layout Templates during the year 2006. Within a very short time this Blogger template became very popular and because of its simplicity and fast loading design thousands of bloggers began using this template for their blogs. Unfortunately, this "Two Column Minima Blogger Template" began loosing its popularity among bloggers when they founded this template was not very elastic and provided no fruitful results while designing their blogs. The rise in demand for more flexibility and elasticity (with same simplicity and fast loading design) gave birth to a new template popular called as, "Three Columns Minima Blogger Template"

At last, I would like to add that blogger has removed the Three columns Minima template and has included several other, customizable blogger templates. Blogger has introduced a template designer where you can adjust every single code of your blogs template. You can use the template as one column or convert it to two columns or three columns. Not only this you can customize footer into one column footer, two column and three column footer, change links and perform live customizations.

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