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I have been using question2answer q&a script for the last few months. I am a newbie migrator from blogger so I know very little about coding. I can hardly edit HTML and CSS codes. PHP for a newbie like me is a tough nut to crack. Having said that I am in a mood to add a different colour to the image links in the navigation menu of my new question2answer q2a open script. I put best efforts, scanned every corner of codes but did not find any codes defining colour value. So any idea where do I need to look so that I can change the default colour value to my personalized color value.

What do I want to change?

All activity image to white and text colour to black.

Questions activity image to blue and text colour to white

Hot activity image to white and text color to black.

unanswered activity image to and text colour to blue.

Tags activity image to white and text colour to black.

Users activity image to orange and text colour to white.

Ask a question activity image to red and text colour to blue

About activity image to grey and text colour to black.

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